Note: The project is checked in assuming a local storage location of C:\Development.

Checkout the Code
1. Open Visual Studio 2010
2. File/Source Control/Open from Source Control
3. Add the TFS server - as defined on the Source Code page on CodePlex
4. Drilldown to centraldba/centraldba_db/centraldba_db and select centraldba_db.sln
5. Repeat, drilling down to centraldba/centraldba_db/centraldba_msx_db and select centraldba_msx_db.sln
6. Repeat, drilling down to centraldba/centraldba_dbrestore_utility and select centraldba_dbrestore_utility.sln

Possible Issues
1. centraldba_db: Depending on whether you have x86 or x64 you may have to replace the master.dbschema and msdb.dbschema references.

2. centraldba_dbrestore_utility: Microsoft Ribbon required (

3. centraldba_dbrestore_utility: Microsoft Enterprise Library 5 required (

4. centraldba_dbrestore_utility: WPFToolkit Extended required ( (Extract the DLL from the zipfile to C:\Development)

5.  Go into the project of the restore utility and change the connection string in app.config and Settings.settings.

Best Practice
If you are going to be working with the source, it is a best practice to copy the code to your own project and do what you want with it there. Once you have a functional code update, get latest on the official source and do a diff comparison to merge the code together and then check in.

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